This region has some of the world’s leading countries in terms of hydropower installed capacity: United States with 101,755 MW and 22,441 MW of pumped storage, Canada 79,202 MW and 177 MW of pumped storage, and to a lesser extent, Mexico with 12,435 MW. Canada added 700 MW of new capacity and maintained the electricity output in 2015 at 375.63 TWh, while the US added only 117 MW with the electricity output at 250.15 TWh.

Notable projects in Canada include the completion of the 640 MW Romaine -2 in 2014, 270 MW Romaine-1 station in 2015, with two other stations under construction – 395 MW Romaine-3 (to be completed in 2017) and 245 MW Romaine-4 (to come online in 2020) – bringing a total of 1,550 MW in installed capacity to the grid. In addition, there were also completed the 21.2 MW Tretheway Creek project and the expansion of Waneta facility with 355 MW.

Mexico added 25 MW of installed hydropower capacity in 2015, but also took offline 266 MW, and generated a total of 30.13 TWh of electricity. The country has an estimated economically feasible hydropower potential of 27,000 MW.

Hydropower Production

Hydropower Installed Capacity193GW

Hydropower Production56.4Mtoe per year

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