Total installed solar capacity for the region in 2015 was 29.8 GW, representing around 13% of the world’s solar capacity. Top countries per solar installed capacity include United States (23,955 MW), Canada (2,443 MW) and Mexico (202 MW). Top countries per solar-powered electricity in 2014 include: United States (24,603 GWh), Canada (1,756 GWh) and Mexico (221 GWh).

The United States clearly dominates the solar market in North America. In 2016, the country added a total of 9.5 GW of planned utility-scale solar, much more than the solar additions from 2015 at 3.1 GW. Utility-scale solar is being substantially added in the following states: California (3.9 GW), North Carolina (1.1 GW), Nevada (0.9 GW), Texas (0.7 GW) and Georgia (0.7 GW). Distributed solar PV additions in 2015 amounted to nearly 2 GW. The potential of solar energy varies in Canada, as it is lower in coastal areas and higher in central ones. The solar market in the country has been characterised by steady growth, with an annual compound growth rate of 13.8% since 2004, yet not achieving a substantial market penetration. Finally, Mexico has a vast solar potential, which has so far been largely untapped due to a lack of policy and financial support. The country aims however, to have by 2030 around 3 GW of solar capacity installed, which is highly likely to realise as the most recent solar auctions revealed very low prices at $US35 per MWh.

Solar Installed Capacity

Solar Installed Capacity29.8GW

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