The region has a total installed geothermal generating capacity of 5.04 GW (electricity and thermal combined), representing 6% of the global geothermal capacity. Top countries per installed capacity include: Philippines (1,930 MWe and 3.30 MWt), New Zealand (979 MWe and 487 MWt), Indonesia (1,404 MWe and 2.30 MWt) and Thailand (0.3 MWe and 129 MWt). Top producing countries in 2014 include: Philippines (electricity – 10,308 GWh, direct use – 11 GWh), Indonesia (electricity – 10,038 GWh, direct use – 12 GWh) and New Zealand (electricity – 7,258 GWh, direct use – 2,395 GWh).

The region hosts the world’s second largest producer of geothermal energy, Philippines. The country’s geothermal power plants include Leyte (722.68 MW), MakBan (458.53 MW), Tiwi (234 MW), Palinpinon (172.5 MW), Bacman (130 MW), Mindanao (108.48 MW), Nasulo (49 MW) and Maibarara (20 MW). The government is planning to continue the geothermal capacity addition trend realised since the enactment of Renewable Energy Act 2008, to add a total of 1,465 MWe new generation capacity by 2030. New Zealand has increased its geothermal power generation with about 20% per year and accounts for about 16% of national electricity generation. Direct geothermal energy use is increasing, especially from heat-pumps, with other uses dominated by the Norske Skog Tasman pulp and paper mill at Kawerau. Indonesia has a significant geothermal potential estimated at about 29 GW, with only 5% being utilised. The current generating capacity of roughly 1.4 GW is located in Java, Bali, North Sumatra and North Sulawesi. Less than 3% of total electricity generation capacity is sourced from geothermal, with plans from central government to further increase the share by adding new 5 GW of geothermal capacity by 2022. In Thailand, geothermal resources are classified into low-medium enthalpy. Geothermal utilisation as binary cycle power plant is 0.3 MWe. Assessments indicate that there are suitable possibilities for small scale power plants in the range of 1 to 10 MWe. Direct use is restricted to bathing and swimming pools for recreation and therapy.

Geothermal Production

Geothermal Installed Capacity5.04GW

Geothermal Production2.65Mtoe per year

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