The countries that have the most hydroelectric generating capacity installed in the region include: Australia (8,790 MW, pumped storage 740 MW), Vietnam (15,211 MW), Malaysia (5,472 MW), Indonesia (5,258 MW), New Zealand (5,254 MW), Thailand (4,510 MW), Philippines (4,235 MW), Laos (4,168 MW), Myanmar (3,140 MW). Hydroelectricity generation in 2015 totalled 62.63 TWh in Vietnam, 24.29 TWh in New Zealand, 18.70 TWh in Laos, 13.74 TWh in Indonesia, 13.63 TWh in Australia, 11.98 TWh in Malaysia, 11.68 TWh in Thailand and 9.95 TWh in Philippines.

Vietnam commissioned 4 hydropower stations totalling 1,030 MW in 2015: 150 MW Dong Nai 5 station, 400 MW Lai Châu, 260 MW Huoi Quang and the 220 MW Ben Chat project. The government is planning to further increase the hydropower capacity to approximately 17,400 MW and 1,800 MW pumped storage by 2020. Philippines added 29 MW of hydropower capacity in 2015: 14 MW at the Sabangan project and a further 15 MW in upgrading the 125 MW Binga plant to 140 MW. Myanmar commissioned in 2015 the 140 MW Upper Paunglaung project and is expected to continue building several new projects. Indonesia has a total of 1,559 MW currently under construction, the largest project being the 1,040 MW Upper Cisokan plant, a pumped storage project located in western Java. Laos added in 2015 599 MW of hydropower capacity and according to the targets set out by the government, additions will continue to 2020 to reach 5,500 MW and further 20,000 MW planned after 2020.

(Source: International Hydropower Association, 2016)

Hydropower Production

Hydropower Installed Capacity57.8GW

Hydropower Production15.1Mtoe per year

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