The region does not have any nuclear installed capacity, but has large uranium deposits and production, mainly coming from Australia.

Australia has the largest known uranium resources, representing almost one-third of the total. The country is also one of the world’s largest producers and exporters of uranium. Total identified resources of uranium recoverable at cost of less that US$ 130/kg U amounted to 1,814,674 tU in 2015, an increase of 6% compared with the estimate for 2013. Total uranium mine production was estimated in 2014 to be 6,686 tonnes, a 19% decrease on 2012 production of 8,265 tonnes of uranium, coming from three operating uranium mines – Ranger (NT), Olympic Dam and Four Mile (SA). Australia has no commercial nuclear power plants.

Indonesia has known uranium resources in Kalimantan, and possibly West Papua. Total uranium resources from uranium exploration from the Kalan area are 1,473 tU as measured resources; 5,558 tU as indicated resources; and 2,540 tU as inferred resources. Measured and indicated resources are 7,031 tU. Undiscovered conventional resources in the prognosticated resource category have been estimated to be 27,617 tU, which includes the Kawat area (15,137 tU) and some sectors in the Kalan area (12,481 tU). A nuclear power reactor is being developed at Serpong, near Jakarta with a capacity of 10 MWe, but there are also nuclear proposals for larger units.

Sources: OECD-NEA (2016) and World Nuclear Association (2016)

Regional Identified Uranium Resources

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Uranium Production

Uranium Production4.98thousand tonnes per year

Identified Uranium Resources1.79million tonnes

(at < US $260 / kg U)

Identified Uranium Resources by region

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Nuclear Installed Capacity by region

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Identified Uranium Resources by country

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Top Uranium producing countries

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