Total solar installed capacity in 2015 in the region was 7.11 GW, representing just 3% of the world’s solar capacity. Top countries per installed capacity include: Australia (5,034 MW), Thailand (1,605 MW), Malaysia (184 MW), Philippines (132 MW), Singapore (57 MW) and New Zealand (33 MW). Top countries that generate electricity from solar in 2014 include Australia (4,858 GWh), Thailand (1,564 GWh), Malaysia (160 GWh) and New Zealand (16 GWh).

Australia added in 2015 0.9 GW of solar capacity, and the total installations contribute to around 2.5% of the country’s overall electricity generation. Over 1.5 million homes generate their own power from solar, and grid-based electricity consumption started to fall drastically in Eastern Australia. CSP projects in the country include Jemalong solar thermal station (1.1 MW), Kogan Creek Solar Boost (44 MW), Lake Cargelligo (3 MW), Liddell (9 MW) and Sundrop (1.5 MW). The Australian Renewable Energy Agency announced that investment is planned for a total of 12 large scale solar farms to start construction in 2017. Thailand is including solar as an important resource in its energy transition and is planning to build 6 GW of capacity by 2036 that would account for 9% of the total electricity generation. Vietnam and Indonesia also aim to follow Thailand’s success in solar development, and target to have at least 5 GW each from 2020. The rest of the countries in the region have also started to develop their solar markets, but there is yet much to be accomplished.

Solar Installed Capacity

Solar Installed Capacity7.11GW

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