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Balance Score


Energy Trilemma Index Rankings and Balance Score

 2011  2012  2013  Trend Score
Energy Performance  6  5  6   
Energy Security  40  41  44  B
Energy Equity  6  8  5  A
Environmental Sustainability  9  9  9  A
Contextual Performance  24  29  28   
Political Strength  25  20  27   
Societal Strength  18  19  19   
Economic Strength  39  57  52   
Overall Rank  7  9  10  AAB
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Fossil Fuel Reserves

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Key Metrics

Industrial sector (% of GDP) 18.3
TPEP / TPEC  (net energy importer) 0.46
Emission intensity (kg CO2 per USD) 0.16
Energy affordability (USD per kWh) 0.18
GDP / capita (PPP, USD); GDP Group 35,090 (I)
Energy intensity (million BTU per USD) 0.13
CO2 emissions (metric tons CO2 per capita) 4.89
Population Access to Electricity (%) 100.0
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Index Commentary

France slips one place in this year’s Index rankings, but remains in the top 10 overall. The three sides of the energy trilemma remain relatively well-balanced in France, although energy security lags slightly behind. Overall energy security performance dips slightly this year, with the increased energy consumption growth rate outweighing an improved diversity of the sources of electricity generation. Energy equity improves, with the price of energy staying essentially flat. Environmental sustainability performance remains unchanged and excellent, which is not unexpected as France uses fossil fuels to generate only 10% of its electricity. Contextual performance remains good, although indicators of political strength dip slightly.