You might find it hard to believe 2017 was a dry winter (especially if you live in Wellington)! In fact March to June inflows were the lowest on record in the major hydro catchments down south. This is your chance to get an insight into the role of two organisations at the heart of the energy sector, and think about the trade off between energy sustainability and energy security in the New Zealand context.

Join us at Meridian Offices, 33 Customhouse Quay, 4pm on Monday 18th September to hear about what happened this winter. Rosie Read (Meridian) and Emily Calvert (Transpower) will talk about what it takes to keep the lights on when are lakes are getting low. The Network will also provide an update on our plans over the next year, and we’ll have a toast to the end of winter.

Rosie Read is an Energy Modelling Analyst in the Strategy and Performance team in Meridian Energy. She’s been involved in a variety of market modelling projects in New Zealand, Australia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Her current role involves reviewing historical and future expected market performance, and providing input for key decdisions through the lens of the New Zealand hydro-thermal scheduling problem.

Emily Calvert is a Market Analyst in the Market Security Services team at Transpower. She has six years experience working in both public and private energy-related organisations. Her current role focuses on providing hydro information to ensure secure supply of electricity for New Zealand.

Key Speakers

Rosie Read, Energy Modelling Analyst

Emily Calvert, Market Analyst