The WEC scenario study with its three different scenarios Modern Jazz, Unfinished Symphony and Hard Rock is presented by Karl Rose.

Some Swedish key persons in this field will comment the study and present their views.

Four strong driving forces for what will shape the world’s energy future have been identified:

• Population growth and labour availability

• Technological advances and productivity

• Environmental priorities

• International governance and geopolitical relations

Based on this, three different scenarios were developed; Modern Jazz, Unfinished symphony, and the Hard Rock. These shows three different ways into the future, to a time horizon of 2060. The Modern Jazz is a market-driven world of innovation and technological development in focus. Unfinished symphony, includes significant degree of political control with a strong focus on the climate. The third way, Hard Rock, is a fairly fragmented world of weak economic development and strong nationalist currents.

Some of the main conclusions are that global electricity consumption will double by 2060, the transport sector is one of the most difficult challenges for the climate, and that it will require an exceptional effort to meet the 2-degree target.

Welcome to the World Energy Council Sweden autumn meeting!

Key Speakers

Karl Rose, WEC

Markus Wråke, Energiforsk

Åsa Pettersson, Scania

Anders Wijkman. Miljörådsberedningen

Åsa Tynell, Energimyndigheten

Ulf Svahn, SPBI

Birgitta Resvik, Fortum