The BusinessNZ Energy Council (BEC) in conjunction with the World Energy Council (WEC) will host its second Asia Pacific Energy Leaders’ Summit. This year’s theme is 3D Vision – new energy perspectives. Rapidly emerging and converging trends in decarbonisation, digitalisation and decentralisation (the ‘3Ds’) require fundamental changes in regulatory approaches and business models, prompting a rethink of who can participate in the energy market and how. The energy sector is breaking boundaries. There are no longer boundaries between the electricity, transport, and industry sectors. It’s time for the energy sector to think outside the square as it faces new challenges and seizes new opportunities. So what are the technologies out there which can contribute to this challenge? Technology advances and data management are facilitating the democratisation of energy. Never before has participating in the energy market been as attractive as consumers express their views of future demand, supply costs, system needs and technologies. A new consumer relationship with energy is being forged. So how can organisations refresh their consumer relationship strategy? Focus on innovation is critical and new business models can make a big difference on the path to a sustainable energy future. If we don’t innovate – someone else will.

Key Speakers

– Kaila Colbin, NZ Ambassador for Singularity University (Silicon Valley, USA)

– Mikko Viinikainen, Vice-President, Sustainability & Environment, Finavia Corporation (Finland)

– Rodd Eddy Chief Executive, Sustainable Solutions RE Ltd (Global)

Dr Steve Meller, Innovation strategist (Silicon Valley, USA)

– Vinod Tiwari, GM Business Development, Power Ledger (Australia)