The World Energy Council organises one of the most complete range of events covering all aspects of the energy sector, from small workshops on specific technologies, to regional and global events aimed at supporting policymakers, experts and industry leaders as they seek solutions and develop policies and strategies to address the energy trilemma.

  • World Energy Congress
  • World Energy Leaders’ Summits (WELS) and World Energy Leaders’ Dialogues
  • Regional events
  • National events
  • Members’ meetings
Date & LocationEvent
23rd Jan 08:00 to 25th Jan 2012 18:00
New Delhi, India

India Energy Congress

Indian Member Committee   /  National Events

9th Feb 08:00 to 11th Feb 2012 18:00
London, United Kingdom

KN meeting: Cleaner Fossil Fuel Systems

Cleaner Fossil Fuels Systems   /  Members' Meetings

20th Feb 08:00 to 21st Feb 2012 18:00
South Africa

Energy Access Workshop

South Africa Member Committee   /  National Events

21st Feb 08:00 to 24th Feb 2012 18:00
Johannesburg, South Africa

Africa Energy Indaba 2011

Africa   /  Regional Events

26th Mar 08:00 to 28th Mar 2012 18:00
Rome, Italy

KN Meeting: Performance of Generating Plants

Performance of Generating Plant (2014-2016)   /  Members' Meetings

18th Apr 08:00 to 19th Apr 2012 18:00
Rome, Italy

Conference on Innovation and Energy Efficiency

Italian Member Committee   /  National Events

19th Apr 08:00 to 20th Apr 2012 18:00
Istanbul, Turkey

WEC Scenarios Workshop

World Energy Scenarios (2014-2016)   /  Members' Meetings

19th Apr 19:00 to 20th Apr 2012 18:00
Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul World Energy Leaders' Summit (WELS), 2012

World Energy Leaders' Summit (WELS)   /  Global Events

4th Jun 08:00 to 6th Jun 2012 18:00
Sofia, Bulgaria

Bulgarian Energy Day

Bulgaria Member Committee   /  National Events

17th Jun 08:00 to 22nd Jun 2012 18:00
Neptun, Romania

FOREN 2012: Central and Eastern Europe Energy Forum

Europe   /  Regional Events

25th Jun 08:00 to 27th Jun 2012 18:00
Rome, Italy

2nd Smart Grid International Forum

Italian Member Committee   /  National Events

31st Jul 08:00 to 1st Aug 2012 18:00

Mexican MC Breakfast Conference

Mexico Member Committee   /  National Events

13th Aug 08:00 to 15th Aug 2012 18:00
Windhoek, Namibia

WEC Namibia National Committee Meeting

Namibian Member Committee   /  National Events

23rd Aug 08:00 to 24th Aug 2012 18:00
Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

Gas and Energy Congress

Bolivian Member Committee   /  National Events

20th Sep 2012 11:00 to 14:00
London, United Kingdom

UK WEC Workshop: Green Deal and Energy Efficiency - How Much Will Be Achieved?

United Kingdom Member Committee   /  National Events

27th Sep 08:00 to 29th Sep 2012 18:00
London, United Kingdom

WEC Scenarios workshop

World Energy Scenarios (2014-2016)   /  Members' Meetings

10th Oct 08:00 to 11th Oct 2012 18:00
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Canadian Energy Person of the Year, Annual General Meeting & Board Meeting

Canada Member Committee   /  National Events

23rd Oct 08:00 to 25th Oct 2012 18:00

Finnish Energy Day & CEO Question Time

Finland Member Committee   /  National Events

1st Nov 08:00 to 2nd Nov 2012 18:00

Zimbabwe Energy Council "Energy Excellence Awards, 2012"

Zimbabwean Member Committee   /  National Events

14th Nov 08:00 to 17th Nov 2012 18:00
Ankara, Turkey

Energy Congress of Turkey

Turkish Member Committee   /  National Events