Across rural Africa, off-grid solar PV solutions are challenging as equipment is often stolen within a few months of deployment. The SolarTurtle is an off-grid energy solution designed for unparalleled security and maximum portability.

The SolarTurtle feeds just like a turtle – in the morning when it is safe the panels unfold from within the hard shell of a steel container to feed from the rays of the sun, and in the evening when it is unsafe the panels fold away again. The SolarTurtle also doubles as a solar kiosk community business – like a spazashop. Excess electricity not consumed by the school is stored and sold via simple bottle-mounted batteries, along with energy efficient devices such as lights, cookers, phone chargers and radios.

The SolarTurtle prototype was supported and funded by SANEDI, TIA and DST and was deployed at a school in the Eastern Cape. The second project, referred to as the PowerTurtle, was jointly developed by three companies: Ugesi Gold, RexiVista and AM Solar. The PowerTurtle was recently unveiled at Pheasant Folly Primary School in Palm Ridge, Gauteng.

Please join YELF for an insight into this innovative and revolutionary energy solution presented by representatives from the three companies who developed the PowerTurtle project: RexiVista, Ugesi Gold and AM Solar. The lecture will address both the design and the business opportunity that the SolarTurtle presents to South Africa, and Africa.

The event will be co-hosted by SANEA YELF and Schneider Electric who were responsible for providing a range of electrical equipment for the PowerTurtle installation.