How should the world’s oil and gas industry fit in with the great transition of the global energy system driven by the Paris agreement in a context of relatively low prices? What reforms should producing countries implement in order to reduce the addiction of their economies to oil and gas sourced revenues?

The 7th European Energy Forum takes place at the outset in the new competitive landscape of the global industry, characterized by lower prices environment. The Forum aims at addressing the long-term impacts of climate policies on national and international oil companies’ strategies, as well as the policies of exporting countries. Does this context complicate or, conversely, reinforce the need to adapt the strategies of companies and the policies of producing States?

Preliminary outline

Session 1 – Oil and gas demand in low carbon transition under low oil price “constraint”

Session 2 – The strategies of International Oil Companies in the energy transition

Session 3 – Pathways of reforms in oil exporting countries

Session 4 – The long term strategies of National Oil Companies

Session 5 – Finance and climate policies in consuming countries to orient the low carbon transition

Key Speakers

– French and English spoken – simultaneous translation