If there is from now on one almost consensus on the objectives of the energy transition and if points of view get closer on the means to reach these goals, many questions remain on the mobilization of the necessary financing. The seminar will discuss the question of the financing of the energy transition in France and in the world. The seminar will approach at first the sectorial questions, before dealing with the movement of innovations regarding financing. It will end by a Round Table. The speakers will highlight the agreements and the disagreements as well as the relevance and the pragmatism of the considered solutions.  

Key Speakers

JEAN EUDES MONCOMBLE, Secretary General, Conseil Français de l’Énergie


Philippe PELLETIER, LPA-CGR avocats

Gautier CHATELUS, Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations

Fabien ROQUES, Université Paris Dauphine


Michel AGLIETTA (to be confirmed), CEPII

Hervé GUEZ, Natixis-Mirova

Alain GRANDJEAN, Carbone 4

Laurent CLERC, Banque de France

Dominique PLIHON, Université Paris 13