Relevance of the EPC VI:

  1. Slovenian energy transition process is on the way despite we have not reach formal political consensus on national energy path yet. The energy sector in Slovenia attracts and offers numerous opportunities for contemporaneous knowledge and enthusiastic looking for new challenges. Energy related services appear daily offering services not used in energy sector before.
  2. The WEC Energy Trilemma 2018 findings point out the dynamic of the Slovenian energy sector and show on future perspectives for create well-balanced energy system pursuit the Trilemma indexes. In this analyse the Slovenian energy is rated among sixth thrive energies on the World.
  3. Without doubts, the national energy transition process is oriented and focused into the climate energy goals. The national paths to the goals are still ambiguous despite the transpiring process of energy transformation in some sectors. The changes in energy could be positive, beneficial and need to be governed efficiently.4
  4. Following the previous EPCs oriented debates the EPC VI focus on the national energy policy governing. This is why the subtitle Governance of the National Energy and Climate Actions is related to the actual situation as well implication of the relevant regulation.

Programme Highlights

  1. Slovenian National Committee WEC: Welcome – actualisation of the EPC VI
  2. European Commission, Violeta Bulc: Address
  3. Ministry of Infrastructure, Alenka Bratušek: Introductory
  4. WEC, Einari Kisel:
    1. Results of the World Energy Trilemma Index 2018
    2. The World Energy Issues Monitor 2019
  5. Ministry of Infrastructure, Hinko Šolinc: Energy policy program
  6. Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning, Zoran Kus: Climate policy and energy
  7. Jožef Stefan Institute, Stane Merše: Slovenian energy outlook
  8. Discussions and Conclusions (coordinated by Ivan Šmon):
    • CIGRE-CIRED, Krešimir Bakič
    • GIZ Gospodarsko interesno združenje distribucije električne energije, Boris Sovič
    • ELES, Aleksander Mervar
    • GEN-ENERGIJA, Tomaž Žagar
    • EN-LITE, Mojca Drevenšek
    • University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Andrej Kitanovski
    • GIZ DZP Gospodarsko interesno združenje za distribucijo zemeljskega plina, Urban Odar
    • Slovenian Energy Association SEA, Dejan Koletnik.