After successfully completing last year’s report ‘The North Sea Opportunity’, the World Energy Council is now working on a new study: ‘Bringing North Sea Energy Ashore Efficiently’.

The past years have seen a great focus on offshore wind on the North Sea. As capacity is increasing rapidly and costs continue to decrease, pathways to bring the generated power to shore efficiently need to be developed. The success of offshore wind and other renewables on the North Sea, depends on this efficiency.

This new North Sea study will analyse the effective routes to transport the energy to shore and to distribute it to the end-users. The focus will be on two main pathways: the electrons (power) pathway and the molecules pathway, with a specific focus on H2 generation (power-to-gas). The North Sea countries Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and Norway are participating in this study.  

Results of the study will be presented at the 2018 conference. This will once again provide a forum for sharing ideas, presentation of research, and discussions on industry topics.

Registration: Please click here Registration for this conference is free of charge and by invitation only.

Key Speakers

Mr. Christopher Jones, Deputy Director-General at the DG Energy of the European Commission

More names will follow soon