Three dimensions of Climate Change have a major impact on the energy sector:

– Global warming

– The changing regional weather patterns (including hydrological patterns)

– An increase in extreme weather events


The increased frequency and severity of extreme weather events is a key issue for energy world leaders. These events can cause damage to the infrastructure, service interruptions and fluctuations in demand energy, impacting prices and profitability of the companies.  The energy system of the future will have to incorporate concepts such as resilience, local empowerment to ensure quick responses to extreme weather events and coverage of climate risks as part of the project financing responses.


To meet the commitments that different countries have taken, including Colombia, for COP 21 – Conference of Parties, the WEC Colombian Member Committee invited all the energy sector to attend the presentation of three keynote presentations on this important issue taking into account that COP 21 agreements are crucial and should lead to a new international agreement on binding climate change for all signatories.

Key Speakers

• José Antonio Vargas Lleras – CEO Codensa Vice Chair WEC LAC

• Rodrigo Suarez – Technical Director of Climate Change, Ministry of Environment

• Rodrigo Andrade – Director of Dialogo Energético Minero y Extractivo Latinoamericano