Purpose of the Workshop

The Scenarios & Trilemma Workshop is an exclusive event organised by the World Energy Council for the African energy leaders’ community to facilitate interactive dialogue on the key findings of the Council’s 2016 two flagship reports – World Energy Scenarios and World Energy Trilemma − and on what would be the African regional implications.                 

The World Energy Scenarios 2016: The Grand Transition report presents three exploratory scenarios − Modern Jazz, Unfinished Symphony and Hard Rock. These scenarios provide energy leaders with an open, transparent and inclusive framework to think about a very uncertain future and thus assist in the shaping of the choices they make. Modern Jazz represents a ‘digitally disrupted,’ innovative and market-driven world. Unfinished Symphony is a world in which more ‘intelligent’ and sustainable economic growth models emerge as the world drives to a low carbon future. The Council also introduces a more fragmented scenario called Hard Rock, which explores the consequences of weaker and unsustainable economic growth with inward-looking policies.

The World Energy Trilemma 2016 report aims to support policymakers in the complex task of translating the trilemma goals of energy security, energy equity and environmental sustainability into implementation actions. The report identifies five areas where countries have focused efforts to drive progress on the energy trilemma goals: (1) Transforming energy supply, (2) Advancing energy access, (3) Addressing affordability, (4) Improving energy efficiency and managing demand and (5) Decarbonising the energy sector.

The Energy Trilemma Index comparatively ranks 125 countries’ energy performance in order of how well they address the Council’s trilemma goals. The 2016 Index can support the necessary timely action to move towards sustainability.

The reports can be found at www.worldenergy.org/publications.