The World Energy Leaders’ Summits (WELS) are exclusive high-level events organised by the World Energy Council to support the global energy leaders’ community in on-going dialogue on important energy matters, including energy transition and transformation.

This WELS is taking place during our annual World Energy Week, during which the Council’s member committees and leadership meet to exchange and brainstorm on key, current energy issues.

Participation to the WELS is by invitation only to Ministers and officials, the Council’s Patron and Global Partner CEOs, and selected VIP guests. The agenda builds on insights generated by the Council’s well-respected studies and energy leaders transition toolkit, which include: The Grand Transition Energy Scenarios 2060; annual Energy Policy Trilemma Index; and, the annual Issues Monitor.

World Energy Leaders’ Summits are an opportunity to engage with peers in deeper dialogue on actionable insights that are relevant to the diversity of regional energy systems under global energy transition. Recent WELS events include Mexico City (Sept 2017), Lisbon, Portugal (Oct 2017) and Argentina (2018). The WELS are also a highlight of each World Energy Congress: Istanbul, Turkey (2016) and the forthcoming 2019 Congress in the UAE.