2018 Canadian Energy Industry: Updates and Insights, February 5, 2017, Westin Hotel, Ottawa

Our kick-off event for 2018 will be the fourth annual Canadian Energy Industry: Updates and Insights.  The 2018 theme could not be more timely: Energy Trade in North America.  Many issues and opportunities prevail: such as uncertainties arising from NAFTA re-negotiation and impacts of climate change policies, opportunities arising from greater mutually-beneficial integration of NA energy markets, Canada’s potential to offer continental scale clean energy supply, and ongoing actions to access other foreign markets.

The 2018 program will feature:

  • An Ambassador’s panel to open the event;
  • Three panel sessions on: recent developments from Canadian think tanks, industry’s views, and an update from Washington;
  • A closing wrap-up with highlights and ”take-aways”; and,
  • A reception to close the event. 


Mark your 2018 calendars now for this event on February 5, from 1:15 to 6:45 at the Westin Hotel.  We look forward to seeing you there. http://energy.ca/2018-Updates-and-Insights

Sponsorship opportunities available! For more information, please contact Brigitte Svarich – brigitte.svarich@energy.ca, 613-232-8239 x 602.