– Youth in Energy Forum 29 September 2015: Zimbabwe Youth in Energy Forum aims to promote the benefits of Clean Energy in our cities amongst Zimbabwean youth in the country, to increase the awareness level, and at the same time to mobilise them to take action in support of Clean Energy.

– Women & Energy Power Luncheon 30 September 2015: The Power Luncheon for Women in the Energy Industry will be held under the banner – Advancing the Leadership and Accomplishments of Women in Energy sector.

– Clean Energy Forum 1 October 2015: Being an integral part of the Clean Energy Week 2015, the Clean Energy Forum will discuss, debate and seek solutions to clean energy deployment and energy savings in Zimbabwean cities and towns.

– Clean Energy Awards 2 October 2015: The ZEC Energy Awards are a means to honour and recognise the value of energy to society and celebrating the contribution the energy industry and its people make to progress, innovation and excellence.

– Clean Energy Exhibition 2-3 October 2015