Seizing Opportunities for Canadian Energy Players in Global Energy Markets: Diversification, Barriers, Paths Forward  

The global energy landscape is undergoing transformative change. Emerging economies such as China and India will continue to experience major growth in the demand for energy driven by a rising middle class, rapid urbanisation and industrialisation. Canada’s traditional energy market, the United States, will experience rising supply from the rapid domestic expansion of unconventional oil and gas production and decreasing energy demand bringing it to the brink of energy self-sufficiency within twenty years. As a result, Canada’s position as a supplier of energy, of new technologies and of supporting energy services depends heavily on the impact of these key trends in global and North American markets.  

Areas of Focus 

-Review global energy trade, financing and investment patterns, and assess Canada’s relative standing 

-Better understand the Canadian share of energy goods and services in global markets, identify areas of advantage and opportunity for Canadian companies 

-Identify potential barriers and key requirements to achieve energy market diversification, and find solutions across a range of energy issues.