The topic of cyber security, over time, has assumed an extremely relevant role, especially with regard to the protection of critical infrastructures, being them providers of essential services, such as electricity, gas and water.

However, despite the adoption by the European Union of a common strategy on cyber security (2013) and the establishment of a European network of Computer Emergency Response Team (the Italian National CERT was established in 2014), in Italy awareness of cyber threats is still low, as well as the cooperation and exchange of information between public and private sectors. In a regulatory environment that still has several gaps, the problems of information sharing and the lack of coordinated action between public and private are still issues of prominent magnitude.

To meet these needs, Energy Media, in collaboration with WEC Italy and with the support of the Ministry of Economic Development and ISCOM, started a course of study consisting of Cyber ​​Security Energy Workshops, Conferences, Working Tables and Conferences where institutions, business firms, tech companies and energy and utilities firms share information, insights and opinions related to the information security of a sector of primary importance such as energy.

The Third National Cyber ​​Security Conference Energy continues the path of the first two and the many moments of confrontation that have followed in Milan and Rome since 2013, and represents an important event where institutions, associations and companies have the opportunity to shed light on regulatory and technological developments currently in place and on the actions necessary to respond to cyber risks that threaten the national energy system.