From 9 to 11 September 2015, international and continental experts from around the globe will gather for the 6th edition of the International Beirut Energy Forum 2015. The International Beirut Energy Forum is the place to share insights, challenges, and solutions to the MENA’s energy sector, with special focus on potential regional projects.

The International Beirut Energy Forum will include a 3-day conference with interventions from energy leaders and professionals. The theme of the 2015 edition is “New Chapters in the Sustainable Energy Saga: Adopting Dynamic Policies in a Volatile Fuel-Based World Market”. With the continuous oil prices fluctuations, how is the world sustainable energy sector affected? What are the dynamics of interaction between fuel-based economy and sustainable energy development? Energy ministers and energy leaders from the different parts of the world will share their views, beliefs, fears, and hopes.

A major sub-theme of the event covers Oil Vs. Renewables: From Competitiveness to Complementarity”. While renewable energy plants were considered as competitors to traditional fuel-based plants, current trends worldwide push for an environmentally-friendly energy mix. The event will include views from IRENA, IEA, and other international and national parties.

Financing sustainable energy projects has always been a major concern. Innovative financing mechanism like NEEREA in Lebanon has generated more than 700 Million USD of investments in the energy sector. A comprehensive approach is mostly needed at this stage. Green Buildings in Lebanon: Time for Architects to Lead” is the new challenge, with major steps being considered in updating the building code of the country.

What messages do energy leaders need to transmit to the Paris COP meeting in December 2015? With high caliber representatives from the World Energy Council (WEC), the “World Energy Trilemma: Security, Equity, and Sustainability” will offer a platform to discuss the post-2015 sustainability goals, challenges, and opportunities for the energy sector in the Middle Eastern region. 

While many Arab countries have initiated aspiring sustainability projects, joining efforts is a key factor in “Transforming Energy Systems in the Arab World”. Energy transformations will lay down the foundations of a new energy age securing prosperity and continuous economic growth. 


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