The Spain Member Committee organises its annual event focused on two panels in order to analyse relevant issues on the international agenda. The “Energy and the Atlantic Basin” panel will analyze the shifting energy landscape in this region and it will be debated if its current and near- to midterm potential energy sources may create a self-energy system. The “Governance of Energy Institutions” round table will try to evaluate the role of international organizations and the options to promote the cooperation in a global fragmented energy scene. Participants will also evaluate the current state of the art for COP21 and the results of the Spanish Energy Issues Monitor will be presented.

The event will be conducted in English.


Key Speakers

Dominique Ristori, Director General Energy, European Commision*

Maria Van der Hoeven. Former Executive Director, IEA

Jorge Ciaccarelli, Secretary General, ARPEL.

Joan MacNaughton, Chair of the World Energy Trilemma, World Energy Council

Valvanera Ulargui, General Director, Climate Change Spanish Office. Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment.*