Join us for a session with Dr. Tom Kober, Group Leader of Energy Economics at the Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI) in Switzerland, to discuss the value of modeling and scenarios for business and government. Tom will share a general perspective on why modelling is important and how it can help us to inform our decision making today.  What is the future of scenarios modelling and what are emerging modeling approaches. 

Since 2016, Tom has led the Energy Economics Group of the Laboratory for Energy Systems Analysis at PSI. He has gained expertise in energy technology and energy policy through his research in the field of integrated energy systems modelling over more than 12 years. His current research interests concern Swiss and international strategies for sustainable energy systems and greenhouse gas emissions reductions. This includes the analysis of the interplay of energy supply and demand and the systemic analysis of technologies for sector coupling and energy storage.

The presentation will be followed by a light lunch and the opportunity to network. Press by invitation only.