Multiple Pathways to Clean Energy – Transformation of the Generation Mix, Climate Policy, Western Canada Electricity Grid

May 8, 9, 10


Canada’s four western provinces are leading the transformation to clean energy.  The Energy Council’s third event in 2017 will examine three pathways where exciting developments are underway: greening the generation mix, implementing leading-edge climate policies, and exploring the possibility of enhancing grid interconnections to interprovincial electricity trade. 

You will hear keynote addresses by political leaders sharing their insights and perspectives from provincial and federal governments.  Four well-known Session Chairs will guide their panels to discuss energy transformation, climate policy, regional electricity grid.

In addition, on May 10 you are invited to join us for a full-day site visit to SaskPower’s Boundary Dam project organized by SaskPower. This project is the world’s first fully integrated CO2 capture, use and storage project.

Register now for this event and also for the site visit.  You will find both to be timely and informative.

Key Speakers

• Energy Ministers’ Panel

Deborah Yedlin, Business Columnist

Calgary Herald

• Energy Transformation

Mike Marsh, President and CEO


• Climate Policy

Martha Hall Findlay, President and CEO

Canada West Foundation

• Regional Electricity Grid

Kelvin Shepherd, President and CEO

Manitoba Hydro