The European Commission presented new measures and regulations (Winter Package) on November 30th 2016, focused on preserving European Union’s competitivity in the transition towards clean energy, which has a significant impact on the energy market. It is expected that the European Parliament and Member States analyse proposed measures, most of which are legal and regulatory, by the spring Council meeting (mid-March 2017). Every Member State is supposed to analyse its legal and regulatory framework in respect to proposed measures. Many new and significant reforms will be conciliated on the European level and will then be transposed into Member States’ legislation (in the next 6-12 months), and eventually be applied (18+ months).

Measures from the Winter Package aim to enable the energy sector reform that has already begun, in accordance with the obligatory European framework for electricity market, energy efficiency, energy use in buildings, eco design, renewable energy sources and bioenergy sustainability, and Energy Union management. Emphasis is on the regulation concerning above mentioned fields. Natural gas market is not discussed in the Winter Package, except in terms in which renewable energy sources and energy efficiency influence it. European Commission has explained the proposed measures and clarified its views on prices and energy costs, financing, innovations in the clean energy field and improving energy transport. With this Package, the European Commission is starting-up the market and energy management redesign and implementing a unique climate and energy policy for the first time.

Presentations will include:

– Goran Granić: “What Will the Winter Package Bring“

– Domagoj Validžić, Ministry of Environment and Energy: “Clean Energy for all Europeans – European Union’s New Legislative Framework”

– Nijaz Dizdarević, Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar, “Development of the electricity market in the EU considering measures proposed by the Winter Package”

– Dubravko Sabolić, Croatian Transmission Operator Ltd.: “Is EU Power Sector Policy Adequate? ITC System as an Example of Poor Design” 



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Key Speakers

– Dr. Goran Granić, Croatian Energy Association President

– Dr. Tomislav Ćorić, Ministry of Environment and Energy

– Prof. Slavko Krajcar, Croatian Academy of Engineering Board Member