Blockchain has the potential to change the way we arrange, record and verify transactions, with the underlying model shifting away from a centralised structure (exchanges, trading platforms, energy companies) towards decentralised systems (end customers, energy consumers interacting directly). It is no surprise then that, outside of the financial sector, the energy sector is seen as one of the industries where Blockchain could have the biggest transformative and disruptive impact. Many energy and utility companies have ventured into new business models using this innovative technology. Peer-to-peer trading, grid balancing system, storage integration, renewable energy certificate trading are just a few of the use cases being explored.

During the event we will discuss the following questions:

• What are the newest developments around Blockchain in our industry?

• Which are the learnings from the first projects: What went well? Where are barriers?

• Does the Blockchain hold its promises of standardized, direct and efficient transactions?

• Which further developments of the technology do we expect?

• Which changes in regulation must come in place in order to use the full potential of the technology?

• In which way will the technology change our businesses – be it grids, metering, trading, distribution? 

• How can we prepare? Where do we need to adapt strategies, investments and capabilities?

Experts from utility companies, Blockchain developers and innovative startup companies will present their activities and views regarding Blockchain. We will also have a comparative look at the developments in other industries.