6th European Energy Forum: What business models for energy in Europe?

Digital revolution, development of variable renewables, consumer metamorphosis, emergence of new governances, growth of environmental issues, upheaval of the “smart”, proliferation of innovations, revival of the centralised vs. decentralised debate; it is in this context that the energy transition begins. Alongside new technologies, new behaviours and new regulations, will we see new business models emerging in Europe?

Event contact: forum-paris@wec-france.org

Free of charge for foreign participants

Both in French and English

Provisional program – non-final schedules:

Monday 22 May
10.00: Opening by Olivier Appert, Chair of the Conseil Français de l’Énergie

10.20: Session 1 – Technologies: what’s new?

12.20: Session 2 – Individuals and collectives behaviour: new values

15.00: Session 3 – Electricity: business models and market design

17.00: Session 4 – Centralised vs decentralised: workshop lead by the World Energy Council

18.30: End of first day

Tuesday 23 May
09.00: Session 5 – Mobility: where are we going?

11.00: Session 6 – When local authorities are becoming smart

13.30: Session 7 – What new business model(s) for energy?

15.30: Closing by Jean-Marie Dauger, Co-chair of the World Energy Council

 For more information: http://wec-france.org/forumEuropeen2017.php


Key Speakers

Olivier Appert, Chair of the Conseil Français de l’Énergie

Jean-Marie Dauger, WEC Co-Chair

Phillip Lowe – WEC Trilemma Chair