Aurecon & FATA EPC would like to invite you on a tour of one of their flagship projects: The 670 MW Avon Gas Turbine Peaking Power Plant!

Two gas turbine peaking plants were commissioned by the Department of Energy to aid in alleviating the strain on the national grid during peak demand hours. The Dedisa plant (335 MW) near Port Elizabeth is already operational and the Avon Peaking Plant will be commissioned in several month’s time. These peaking power plants are effectively the first large-scale independent thermal plants to be developed in South Africa outside of Eskom. They also include technological solutions that are novel to the South African power industry.

The grid interfacing is unique, having a direct bus bar tie-in at transmission voltages, while these were the first plants to follow the non-renewable grid code compliance process. Dedisa was commissioned successfully two weeks ahead of the COD deadline.

Attendance will be limited to 200 persons based on a first come principal – Please register now!