Welcome – we hope to see you in Stockholm!

The Swedish WEC Committee invites WEC committees around the Baltic Sea to a Baltic Sea Round table to discuss energy issues of importance for all our countries around the Baltic Sea. The conference will be held from lunch Thursday September 7th to lunch on Friday the 8th. The purpose is to share our thoughts on energy policy development in our countries and region and to share experience of working practices that have been successful in our national WEC committees.

The first day is planned as an internal meeting of our national committees’ representatives with discussions around two themes.

  • The first theme will be domestic energy policy in our respectively country in the areas of electricity, gas, heat and transport. What current energy policy initiatives have been taken? What do we expect will be the next step? Do we feel worried about something special? And of course, we also hope that there will be some good progress to report, issues that have gone our way to report.
  • The second theme will be an exchange of experience on how the work is conducted in our national WEC-committees. Here we can tell each other how the work is being carried out on an ongoing basis.

Thursday 7th – national energy policy:

We ask each country’s WEC committee to designate an introducer who presents for approximately ten minutes the energy policy situation in the own country. We give the opportunity to ask follow-up questions in direct connection too each presentation. When all presentations is given we take opportunities to reflection on similarities and differences in the current national energy policy debates. More detailed information on how this section will be structured will follow.

Thursday 7th – how is our respective national WEC committee is working:

We ask each country’s WEC committee to appoint an introductory speaker who tells us for approximately 5 – 10 minutes how the respective national committee works and how do we see the business developing. How is the WEC MC organized, how wide is the membership circle, what kind of activity has worked well, what could be better, how visible is the committee in the energy-political conversation nationally and how successful do you nationally use all knowledge produced in WEC on central level – studies and so on. Thoughts about possible development in the activity nationally. After all presentations have been held, we will discuss on development thinking about the WEC committee work.

The day ends with a Dinner for all participants.

Friday the 8th we will have an open seminar on the theme of “Baltic Energy Cooperation – the way forward”. To this seminar we invite, in addition to all WEC-participants, external persons active in the energy sector.

The theme for the seminar is that of the Winter Package – Clean Energy for All Europeans. Based on this very comprehensive EU initiative, we conduct a half-day conference. The ambition is to discuss three current topics; Electricity market design, the development of the gas market and the development of the transport sector to reduced carbon dioxide emissions.

Each area starts with an introduction given by an invited speaker who sets the scene of each topic. After each introduction, two commentators from our WEC-committees will give their comments on the issues raised and we will be happy to receive the names of the commentators from you. Under the guidance of a moderator we will also have an discussion about each topic, after the introduction and comments.

Maria Sunér Fleming, Chairman of the Swedish WEC-Committee

Inge Pierre, Secretary Swedish WEC Committee

Cecilia Kellberg, incoming Secretary Swedish WEC Committe





Key Speakers

Open seminar: Invited speakers and Commentators:

• Pierre Schellekens, EU Commission, the cabinet of Ariel Caniete “Winter Package and the Importance of Regional Cooperation in the Energy Union”

o Commentators from Poland and Estonia

• Electricity; Ulla Sandborgh, Director General of Svenska Kraftnät, Swedish TSO “Electricity market design – energy only of today’s average, do we need new elements in the market model or can we expect the current model to deliver the desired benefit?”

o Commentators from Denmark and Lithuania

• Gas; Maria Malmkvist, CEO of Energigas Sweden – “Gas market in a Baltic Sea perspective, challenges and possibilities.”

o Commentators from Germany and Latvia

• Transport; Åsa Pettersson, VP Public affairs and Sustainability Scania – “Reduction of greenhouse gases in the transport sector”

o Commentators from Finland and Germany

After the workshop the Stockholm meeting will finally end with a lunch for our invited speakers the members of our WEC committees. The day ends at 13.00.