The status of the Petrodollar

Outlook and Implications for global energy policy

Core topics:

1. Climate policy:

  • Saudi Arabia’s transformation to renewable energy: Implications for the Petrodollar
  • Impact of regulations on oil price and the world order. (e.g. Paris agreement)

2. Russia/China:

  • Impact of silk-road and Petroyuan on the US-Dollar: Impact on Energy trade?
  • BRICS payment system withdrawal of SWIFT: Implications for Oil & Gas industry.

3. USA/Europe:

  • Strategic goals of Donald Trump w.r.t. the maintenance of the Petrodollar system:

    Conflict of interest?

  • Battlefield Europe – more than just another market for US energy dominance ambitions
  • Iran Sanctions: Reasons, goals und implications for global oil markets w.r.t. the

    Petrodollar system.

Key Speakers

Dr. Robert Kobau

Gökhan Cebiroglu (Credit Suisse)

Rudolf Huber (LNG Austria)

Gaurav Sharma (Oil Market Analyst, Oilholics Blog)

George Filis (University of Bournemouth)

Mamdouh Salameh (Oil Economist)