An Introduction to Blockchain and its role in the Energy Sector

The recent Energy Issues Monitor conducted by the World Energy Council in 2017, one of the new uncertainties that was identified was the role of Blockchain in the Energy Sector.

Given that this is a topic that is not generally well known, this meeting will provide an introduction of the concept of Blockchain and touch on the role it does/could play in the Energy Sector.

If you want to know more about this interesting new topic, then please sign up for the meeting. If you are already knowledgeable on Blockchain, please sign up and help others to learn from your experience and or comments.

DATE: Tuesday, 13 February 2018

TIME: 17h30 for 18h00 until 20h00

Join us for refreshments and networking before the Energy Rendezvous kicks-off!

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PARKING: Parking will be available on the museum premises.

COST: Free attendance for SANEA members, staff of corporate members & registered students

Key Speakers

Presenter: Paul Mitchell – SA Fintech lead for PwC

Paul is the SA Fintech Lead for the PwC and is a financial services strategist. He has worked for corporates and start-ups in London and Cape Town from civil engineering to middleware to insurance. Outside work, you may find him running on the mountain.