The Department of Trade and Industry together with the South African National Energy Association (SANEA) cordially invite you to the official launch of the Gas Industrialisation Unit (GIU).

In the light of increasingly clear opportunities presented in the Southern African regional natural gas sector, the Department of Trade and Industry has been engaged in an intensive 12-month preliminary investigation into how these opportunities may best be realised. The exercise was aimed at constructing a conceptual framework and foundation for the development of an appropriate medium to long-term natural gas industrialisation strategy for South Africa and the region. Its end-goal would be to maximise the multiplier effects of natural gas for power generation, industrial uptake, economic diversification and shared regional development.

The extensive preparatory work that has been done to date has been managed by a Department of Trade and Industry -led Working Group consisting of key industry experts and government representatives. Central to the Working Group’s mandate was laying the foundation for the establishment of a Gas Industrialisation Unit (GIU) – also Department of Trade and Industry -led.

The GIU will comprise a broad collection of senior personnel from relevant government departments, supported and advised by industry experts and civil society representatives. Its over-arching objective will be “to steward the development and implementation of appropriate gas industrial policy for South Africa and the Southern African region”.

The launch event will feature a Keynote Address by Mr Garth Strachan, DDG: Industrial Policy in the Department of Trade and Industry . This will be followed by two panel discussions focussing on:

  1. the overall scope and potential impacts of harnessing the massive natural gas resources that have been verified across the Southern African region (Chair: Mr Kishan Pillay (Head of Oil &Gas at the Department of Trade and Industry ) ; and
  2. realistic options (short, medium and long term) for the industrial utilisation of natural gas and the development of local content in key sectoral value chains (Chair: Mr John Smelcer (Head of Oil &Gas at Webber Wentzel)

Panellists will include members of the Department of Trade and Industry -led Working Group, representatives of the Department of Energy’s IPP Office, other relevant government players and a wide range of industry experts.

The Department of Trade and Industry and SANEA invite you to join them – Register now!