2021 World Energy Week

World Energy Week

The World Energy Week (WEW) is the regular event of the World Energy Council that brings together the World Energy community. Coming from all parts of the world and representing national, regional and global energy systems and sectors, participants take part in internal member meetings and public conferences featuring high-level speakers on the state of the energy system, as well as social events. Private high-level CEO and Ministerial roundtable meetings are hosted alongside these gatherings allowing for interaction and shared insights and side events may also be organised.

For further information about the World Energy Week, please click here.

Bids to host the World Energy Week in 2021 

Member committees received a request for proposals (RFP) to host the 2021 World Energy Congress on 28 January 2019 with final bids due by 14 June 2019. The RFP documents are available on this website in the bid requirements section. 

Following review of all bids, the Officers’ Council is delighted to be able to present two bidders for each Member Committee’s consideration. We extend our thanks to each of the bidders and their teams for their time, effort and commitment in submitting their bids and are gratified to have two possible host cities for the event. Based on the bid materials, we are pleased to confirm that we view each bid as compliant with the essential requirements of being able to host the World Energy Week and meet the general expectations of the Council, members and attendees. Following the selection of the host, the Council and the selected bidder may negotiate further to ensure the contract and proposed dates meet the needs and purposes of the parties, members, and event.

Bid information

We recognise that Member Committees will consider a range of factors when casting their vote. Therefore, the bids provided by each of the bidders have been made available to Member Committees through this website in the section about bidders. If you are a Member Committee, you will have received a password to access the files to help you make your decision. Please do not circulate these documents or the password beyond your organisation.


Voting will be open from 8 August 2019 until 8 September 2019, closing at the Executive Assembly Plenary. For further information please visit this section.