About this Member Committee

Member Committee: Kazakhstan Member Committee, Казахстанский комитет ВЭС

Chair: Almassadam Satkaliyev

Secretary: Sergey Irmanovich Katyshev

Address: KEGOC, 37, Beybitshilik Str., Nur-Sultan 10,000, Kazakhstan

Tel: +77172 970,109

Contact: Binura Zeinelova

Kazakhstan is a member of the World Energy Council through the KAZENERGY Association. The KAZENERGY Association unites more than 50 major players in the oil, gas and energy business – extracting, transporting, servicing, geophysical, uranium-producing and other companies. The Association promotes the creation of favourable conditions for the dynamic and sustainable development of the fuel and energy sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


About this bid

Proposed dates: 4-7 October, 2021

Proposed location: Nur-Sultan, Capital of Kazakhstan

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