New Zealand

About this Member Committee

Member Committee: New Zealand Member Committee, BusinessNZ Energy Council

Chair: David Caygill

Secretary: John Carnegie

Address: PO Box 1925, Level 6, Lumley House, 3-11 Hunter Street, Wellington 6140, New Zealand

Tel: +64 4 496 6555

Contact: Tina Schirr

The BusinessNZ Energy Council (the ‘BEC’) is a multi-sectoral group of New Zealand business, government and academic organisations taking on a leading role in creating a sustainable energy future for New Zealand. Since 1 January 2013, the BusinessNZ Energy Council brings together the memberships of BusinessNZ and the former Energy Federation of New Zealand. The BEC shares energy information, represents the views of its members, promotes dialogue and networking for its members, prepares and disseminates reports and organises seminars and conferences. Its goal is to “support New Zealand’s economic well-being through the active promotion of the sustainable development and use of energy, both domestically and globally.”


About this bid

Proposed dates: 1-4 November 2021

Proposed location: Wellington, Capital of New Zealand

Please be reminded that to download this document you should use the password provided by the World Energy Council’s Secretariat. These documents should not be circulated beyond your organisation.


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