Voting Procedure 

How is the host venue selected? 

  • The selection vote is carried out by secret ballot unless there is only one eligible bidder, in which case the venue will be presented by the Officers’ Council to the Executive Assembly for confirmation by acclamation.   
  • Bid submissions presented for voting have been reviewed by the Council Secretariat to ensure they meet the essential criteria to host the World Energy Week.  

When can my member committee vote? 

  • The voting platform will open on 8August 2019 and close on 8September 2019 at the Executive Assembly. Please ensure you meet the deadline for voting.  

Who is eligible to vote? 

  • Each Member Committee in good standing (“good standing” means all payments owed, including subscriptions for 2019, have been paid) will be permitted to cast its vote using a secure electronic online voting platform.  
  • Each eligible Member Committee has one vote only.   
  • The vote is cast by the nominated voting representative for the Member Committee identified in advance to the Council Secretariat. This is either the Secretary or the Chair, as advised to the Council Secretariat.  

How will Member Committees vote? 

  • The online voting facility is run by, an encrypted, secure, site specialising in online anonymous voting.  
  • Member Committees in good standing will each receive an email to the nominated representative for voting provided to the Council.  
  • The nominated representative will usually be the Secretary unless informed otherwise in an official communication signed by four members of the member committee. In such a case, this communication should be received by the London Secretariat by 9AM (London time) on the 2nd of September 2019. 
  • The email will contain an invitation to vote, and a unique, single use code.  
  • Member Committees in good standing shall receive their codes on 8 August 2019. 
  • When the voter has cast their vote, they are able to download a confirmation receipt of voting.  
  • All Members should ensure that their email details are up to date with the Council Secretariat via, or through their respective Regional Manager.   
  • It is the responsibility of the Member Committee to ensure that their unique code is used only by the authorised voting representative. The Secretariat takes no responsibility for any code that is used by accident or without permission of the Member Committee.  

How does the vote work? 

  • As there are two bidders, the destination shall be selected by majority vote. 

What if we are in arrears? 

  • If you are in arrears, you still can pay your subscriptions and get up to date so you are able to vote before the 8 September deadline.   
  • If you pay your subscriptions after 8 August 2019, but before the voting period closes, you will receive your voting code within 2 business days of receipt of payment.    

We did not get an email with the code, even though we have no arrears 

  • First, please check your junk mail filter after 8 August to ensure the email has not been considered “junk”.   
  • Second, please check with the Council Secretariat Membership Services team that your voting representative email address is correct – contact You will be required to validate your identity if you wish to change the email address we have on file for you. 
  • It may be possible to re-send or to generate a new code for a member committee if the code has not been used. However, if it has been used, a new code will not be provided as your vote will have already been cast.   

What if I change my mind? Can I vote again? 

  • No, you can only vote once, so please vote carefully. Bidders for the World Energy Week have put a lot of time, resource, and effort into their bids for your consideration.   
  • Under no circumstances can a vote be cancelled or withdrawn once placed. This means that when you vote, it is final.  

Who can see how we have voted? 

  • No-one else will be able to see how you have voted. All votes are anonymous and through a secure link.  
  • The website will however help the London Secretariat to track whether voters cast their vote and to remind those who have not yet voted to vote. No staff or third parties are able to see how individual voters have been voted.    

Are we voting at the Executive Assembly? 

  • If a vote is needed, it will be possible for members who have not had voted online to do so during the Executive Assembly plenary on the 8 of September 2019. However, we warmly encourage member committees to cast their vote prior to their event to help make the process smoother.   
  • Eligible voters will need to log into the online voting tool using the code that they received and to place their vote before the window closes for voting during the Executive Assembly Plenary. Time will be allowed following the presentation of the bidders for final votes to be cast. 

Can I ask someone else to vote for me? 

  • No. Your vote is yours and as this is electronic, there is no need to nominate any proxies.  

What happens next? 

  • Once voting is complete, the Council Secretariat will advise the Officers’ Council of the outcome, and the result shall then be announced to the members during the Executive Assembly plenary in Abu Dhabi on 8 September.