“The role of Gas in the future energy mix: finding the balance between market and geopolitical challenges”

In November 2017, the IEA published its World Energy Outlook which acknowledges the role of gas in the future. In particular, in the Sustainable Development Scenario, as oil and coal fall back and renewables ramp up strongly, natural gas becomes the largest single fuel in the global mix and consumption still rises worldwide by nearly 20% to 2030. On top of that, the latest Italy’s National Energy Strategy recognizes the need to optimizing interconnector capacity, removing cross-border restrictions as well as developing new connection infrastructures in order to maximize the diversification of sources and suppliers. In addition to energy security, from a climate prospective gas will play a critical role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and meeting global climate change targets.

Will market and geopolitical challenges though continue to influence the outcome of this scenario? Will policy makers find a balance between competitiveness and climate goals? How technology and innovation will contribute to the future of the energy mix, in particular to the 2050 gas outlook? The panellists will address these topics with the CEO of the largest European gas infrastructure player drawing on the findings of the first Snam Global Gas Report.

Key Speakers

• Marco Alverà (SNAM CEO)

• Dr. Uwe Franke (Chair Weltenergierat – Deutschland)

• Kirsten Westphal (SWP Senior Associate) moderated by Heiko Lohmann (Journalist)