The Workshop intends to analyse the state of the maritime uses and infrastructures for LNG, with particular reference to the Strait of Sicily and Central Mediterranean area, as part of the commitment of Italy to act as a hub for natural gas in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

Institutions industry experts and operators will discuss national and international commitments and strategies to reduce the environmental impact of vessel traffic on the marine and coastal environment. The Italian Navy will illustrate its commitment in the “Flotta Verde” (Green Fleet) programme.

The Workshop is divided into two thematic sessions, one dedicated to vessel traffic and its environmental impact, the other to the infrastructure necessary to make Italy the Euro-Mediterranean hub for LNG and natural gas.

Key Speakers

Cristiano Aliperta, International Maritime Organization;

Rear Admiral Nicola de Felice, Commander Maritime Sicily Navy;

Calogero Burgio, Environmental Delegate of the Civitavecchia Port Authority