This Forum follows from the recently published Blockchain Insights Brief and Anthology of Interviews – the result of a collaboration between World Energy Council and PwC to explore the viability and challenges of blockchain through the lens of creators, regulators and those in between. The Forum will focus on the plausible future scenarios for energy blockchain, as well as the key issues around regulation and customer engagement to be overcome for blockchain to fulfil its transformative potential.

The day-long event will be led by Rocky Mountain Institute’s Jon Creyts who will take us through a few interactive sessions where each attendee participates as part of a round-table discussion to answer two key questions:

1. What plausible energy blockchain scenarios are we heading toward?

a. Predictable Disruption (business process optimization)

b. Traditional Energy Markets (vertically integrated utilities)

c. Niche Evolution (Limited P2P)

d. Transformative Disruption (P2P, transactive Energy)

2. How can regulation be re-framed?

a. What are the immediate changes that need to be made?

b. Is customer engagement part of this re-framing?

Please join us for this rare opportunity to exchange ideas and challenge assumptions with a diverse group of leaders from around the world.

Key Speakers

Jon Creyts, Managing Director at Rocky Mountain Institute