With the transition toward a clean, low-carbon economy underway in the Canadian energy sector, the perennial challenge of staying competitive in a global market remains. Our panelists will discuss some of the challenges and opportunities faced by Canada’s energy sector throughout this transition. Specifically, they will address the following questions: What can Canada do to ensure its job market and technology are competitive at a global level? How can Canada continue to develop a robust infrastructure to guarantee its access to global markets? What can Canada do to ensure it maintains a dynamic regulatory system that drives innovation and fosters new collaborative relationships at the global level?

Programme Highlights

This will be the opening event for Energy Day at the Toronto Global Forum. The Toronto Global Forum is an international conference fostering dialogue on national and global issues. It is held under the auspices of the International Economic Forum of the Americas (IEFA). The IEFA organizes annual summits bringing together heads of state, central bank governors, ministers, and global economic decision makers.


Key Speakers

Christoph Frei, Secretary General for the World Water Council

Lorraine Mitchelmore, Chair, Resources of the future; Former president and Country Chair of Shell Canada