Active System Management and Flexibility: From Challenge to Opportunity

02.10.19 - 02.10.2019

TBC, Portugal


Active System Management and Flexibility: From Challenge to Opportunity

Luis Cunha, Director for European Affairs and Future Networks, EDP Distribution

The energy sector is in deep transformation. Electricity is a key element of the transition to a more decarbonized society. System integration capabilities, supported by increasing flexibility in the use of distributed resources, will increasingly function as part of the solution to manage increasing complexity while actively engaging customers, citizens and communities. One of the first steps, as recently recognized in the ‘clean energy package for all Europeans’, will be a clearer definition of the potential interconnection between active system management and access to flexible external resources involving operators. network operators, market players and consumers, individually or in aggregate. 

This session presents the latest developments at European level and seeks to discuss the opportunities for the sector and the indispensable convergence for a successful energy transition.

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