Energy and Climate futures: Whither European Green deal diplomacy?

19.10.21 - 20.10.2021

Among the many issues shaping this year’s global energy agenda, this new edition of the Spanish Committee of World Energy Council´s event will put the focus on the international and foreign policy dimension of the European Green Deal, and the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Partis (COP26).

The first plenary session will provide a general overview on the key issues for the energy sector, followed by a panel dedicated to the European Green Deal diplomacy. European energy diplomacy is expected to become more complex by the need to cope with conventional oil and gas geopolitics while simultaneously managing the impact of the energy transition. From an international perspective, the energy transition may imply dire consequences for hydrocarbon producers but also the emergence of a new renewable geopolitical landscape, in which some oil and gas producers could “convert” into renewable fuels and electricity exporters. 

The panel will offer the view of European diplomats and think tankers, but also how the practical implicationsof the European Green Deal are perceived outside the EU. It will analyse some of the elements introduced in the “Fit for 55” Package, launched last July, in particular how the introduction of a Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) may impact on European trade partners and pose political and economic diculties to maintain or deepen bilateral trade agreements. How are these new instruments of EU’s climate policy received abroad? How to deal with the foreign policy implications of the European Green Deal, including geopolitical shifts and energy security risks? Is the EU ready to act as the energy transition norm and standard-setter? What are the economic opportunities for European companies and how to.

The annual event of the Spanish Committee of the World Energy Council - organized together with the Spanish Energy Club and the Elcano Royal Institute, and sponsored by CEPSA- is planned as a hybrid event with some speakers and audience physically present at the Cepsa Tower in Madrid, and others virtually connected.


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