Europe Regional ‘Deep-dive’ event

13.04.23 - 15.04.2023

University of Graz, Austria

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The World Energy Council, in collaboration with the Austrian Member Committee, invites you and experts within your member community to a Europe Regional ‘Deep-dive’ event, which will be kindly hosted in-person at the University of Graz, Austria, on 13-14 April 2023.

Regional deep dives are part of the Council's Global Energy Scenarios work programme (more information below this message). 

The regional deep dives are aimed at convening experts within our membership and key energy stakeholders for forward-looking strategic conversations to explore the strategy and policy issues facing the regions, against the backdrop of global developments and utilizing the World Energy Council’s Transition Toolkit. 

This process will enable a nuanced regional perspective to be integrated in the Council’s Global Energy Scenarios, which will be publicized at the World Energy Congress in Rotterdam. 

Regional deep-dive, Europe  

An in-person event over two days is envisioned and the format will include panel discussions for setting the scene, followed by facilitated peer-to-peer dialogue to capture the issues shaping the European energy transformation agenda, at a country and regional level. 

Through the process, participants will develop insight and foresight about future opportunities and challenges. Informed by scenarios-thinking, the regional deep-dive will provide participants a safe space to debate the key decisions, technologies and development imperatives for the region for the coming decade as well as the trends, drivers of change and key uncertainties.  

Participants can expect to draw personal insights for their government and/or company as they look towards enabling a just transition in an energy environment currently in flux. 

ACTION / ASK: Nominate your experts

Please bring this event to the attention of experts within your MC member organisations and come back to us with your Top 3 expert nominations from your MC to participate.

Deadline: 25 January 2023. 

Those experts can include experts that you have put forward as members for the Scenarios Working Group earlier in the year, and also for example members of your Future Energy Leaders community. The Scenarios Working Group will also be informed of this deep-dive of course. 

Overall, we are looking for an interesting mix of professional backgrounds, and also in terms of regional diversity. The more diverse the representation across European MCs is, the richer the overall result will be.   

Places in Graz are limited, so final invitations to experts to register their attendance will take into account the number of nominations received, in combination with the criteria of professional and regional diversity. 


We hope experts within your membership will appreciate this exciting opportunity to join us in Graz and contribute with insight and expertise to this interesting and highly timely exercise and to engage in peer-to-peer strategic conversations on energy issues from a European perspective.  


More details on the agenda for 13 and 14 April will be released at a later stage. 

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact Reshma Francy (, Ivo Wakounig ( or myself if you have further questions

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