Hydrogen Innovation Forum


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Innovation Forum - Hydrogen

The Council has organised this two-day session to develop a compelling business plan for large-scale zero carbon hydrogen production. This session will also define the regulatory changes and policy incentives to enable hydrogen consumption.

Finally, the Council will begin discussion on developing a charter to increase demand for zero-carbon hydrogen.

Failure to decarbonise our economies is not an option and a complete reliance on the electrification of heat, industry, transport and wider power demand is increasingly being contested as unrealistic. As a versatile energy carrier, hydrogen has the long-term potential to be the ideal complement to renewable generated power and provide a solution to decarbonise hard-to-abate sectors and store energy.

From policy to technical challenges related to the transport of hydrogen, this forum will take attendees on a unique knowledge exchange journey to push the hydrogen agenda forward. This in an exclusive, invitation only event which will convene the Council’s international community. This event is kindly hosted by ENA and will be in-part moderated by Dr Angela Wilkinson, in-coming Secretary General, World Energy Council.


19th November, Start: 09:30 - End: 17:00, highlights:

-           Whole system view: what is the role for hydrogen?
-           Policy roadmap & business plan development and pitching
-           Bigger picture & introduction to HY100 discussion

20th November, Start: 09:00 - End: 15:15, highlights:

-           Leaning journey: showcasing the latest technological developments
-           International standards and principles
-           Open agenda: opportunity to self-organise and deep dive into a specific issue

This event is open to the Council’s members and their network. Please contact Pauline Blanc at [email protected] to receive information on registration. If you have any other questions, please contact Marzia Zafar at [email protected].

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