Vienna Energy Forum 2023

13.06.23 - 15.06.2023

Hofburg Conference Centre

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VEF 2023

Vienna Energy Forum is back in person, and will be held at the Hofburg Conference Center on 13 and 14 of June! 

As 2022 comes to a close, we reflect on the how VEF contributed to the strides achieved to address the climate crisis and accelerate energy transition. In Summer of 2021 the first online VEF was held under the motto “Where Action meets Ambition”. It brought together key stakeholders and experts and offered solutions on how to advance sustainable development in the domain of the energy. Its outcomes were clear: accelerating the uptake of sustainable energy in end use sector and work on promoting cross-sectoral innovation at social, financial and technology level is key to decoupling growth from carbon emissions.  The 2021 edition, hosted, together with SDG7 Youth Constituency, the very first Youth for VEF

We came a long way since launching the Call to Action on Empowering Woman and Youth to Accelerate the Clean Energy Transition in January 2021. We worked on identifying and putting a spotlight on the critical challenges faced by women and youth to benefit from the energy transition. 


We amplified their voices at the leading energy, climate change and gender events, including at the CSW, SEforAll Forum, UN General Assembly and COP27.  

Since then, we launched the Gender Energy Compact with a growing number of Champion Countries and Partners. Currently standing at 10 and more than 75 respectively. Let us know, if you would like to join and learn more.  

Moreover, the VEF called for championing youth mainstreaming in energy compacts to accelerate a just, inclusive and sustainable energy transition. We created a Youth Advisory Group to put all that we heard and learned from youth advocates, innovators and experts into practice by building capacities, ensuring space for their perspective and creating a Guidebook for meaningful youth engagement. We are putting final touches on it so stay tuned for its release! 

New challenges and opportunities ahead

The VEF is looking ahead and sees how differently the regions are bracing for the multiple crisis expected in 2023. Energy and economic challenges, COVID-19 recovery and catastrophic effects of climate change are now more than ever intertwined with political stability. At the same time, there are opportunities to build partnerships and improve existing energy system. We are keen to look ahead, together with you, to the opportunities that 2023 brings.




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