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Innovation is transforming energy systems; it is driving change and bringing solutions to key energy system challenges.

We recognise the importance of supporting innovation in energy transition which is why we have partnered with dena, the German Energy Agency, to identify the best innovators from around the world, who are creating and developing future-oriented solutions from all areas of energy.

Start Up Energy Transition (SET) brings together the most outstanding international start-ups in the field of energy transition with key stakeholders in the energy sector including investors, industry leader incumbents, media and government.

“Every year the SET Awards illustrate the depth of experience, commitment, and vision driving the innovators who will transform the future of energy. All the finalists should be proud of their achievements and the winners have a bright future to look forward to.”

Secretary General, World Energy Council

2019 winners

In April 2019, after considering 450 applications from 80 countries, the winners of the international SET Awards were announced. After long-listing the top 100 most innovative and effective business models in the areas of energy transition and climate protection, the judges awarded the following final five start-ups:

  • Enapter (Germany) in the category Low-Carbon Energy Production
  • Planet Ark Power (Australia) in the category Intelligent Grids, Platforms & Cyber Security
  • Blixt (Sweden) in the category Energy Efficiency, Smart Devices & Storage
  • Bodawerk (Uganda) in the category Innovative Mobility
  • Divine Bamboo (Uganda) in the category Special Prize: Quality Access & SDG7

The 100 best start-ups from the SET Award 2019 (#SET100) will have the opportunity to present themselves in September in Abu Dhabi at the 24th World Energy Congress, the Council’s flagship triennial event.

“The winners of the SET Award 2019 show, together with many applicants, how we can advance energy transition and climate protection with fresh ideas. This is the spirit we need for the future. Our global network is growing. All founders who want to make the world a better, smarter and greener place are cordially invited to join us.”

Andreas Kuhlmann, German Energy Agency (dena) Chief Executive

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The SET initiative is an important part of our drive to share learning and innovation across the energy landscape. It is one of a number of different work areas – including Innovations Insights, Forums and interactive experiences – that aim to enhance and expand innovation in the energy sector.

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