Ahmed Hassan

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Ahmed Hassan

Planning Section Head - Consultant

The Egyptian Gas Regulatory Authority (GASREG)

Ahmed is an engineer, economist and regulator by education, and experience. He has eight years of experience; five out of them are in the Oil & Gas sector. Ahmed's energy sector experience ranged from engineering, operations, and planning with GASCO (Egypt's Gas Transmission System Operator), to regulatory issues with the Egyptian Gas Regulatory Authority (GASREG). After he engaged with GASCO in Delta Nile rich gas area in Egypt, he relocated to Jordan to gain international experience by participating in the managing of the Arab Gas Pipeline (AGP), where he dealt with several teams from different nationalities. After though, he went back to the company headquarter in Cairo to take responsibility in setting up new projects for supplying gas to power stations, petrochemicals, and industrial sectors. Ahmed has a B.Sc. in Computers & Systems Engineering, and by September 2017, he won the Chevening scholarship to pursue his master degree in International Oil & Gas Management from Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy at the University of Dundee in the UK. Currently, he is working with the newly established Egyptian Gas Regulator to advise on reforming and designing the market.

Gas Regulatory Authority, Egypt “GASREG” is an independent public body established for “Regulation of Gas Market Activities”. GASREG is established with the objective of monitoring the functioning of the gas market, encouraging new investments, regulating gas market activities, introducing competition amongst potential market players by allowing Third Party Access to gas networks and facilities under a fair and non-discriminatory basis, along with increasing the quality of services provided, and protecting consumers’ rights. GASREG exercises all powers needed to achieve those objectives acting independently in a fair, transparent neutral and non-discriminatory manner.

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